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The Israeli Personal Computer Museum - Haifa


The Israeli Personal Computer Museum Was established by Yariv Inbar.


Yariv – a "computer freak" - was born in 1973 living and breathing computers from the age of 5, began to collect old computers in 1993 and has since amassed dozens of computers and peripherals, all historical and most have been extensively refurbished and are working beautifully.

For many years the computers were collected in bags and boxes , as from January 2012 they were accommodated in a permanent place - John Bryce-The leading College for computer and technology in the North.

The museum is located in Haifa, Israel, open to the public and allows all lovers of nostalgia to enjoy a spectacular display of dozens of computer models from the seventies, eighties and nineties.


A Visit to the museum is free of charge and is highly recommended to all of those who grew up in the age of spectrum, Dragon, Commodore, Atari, Apple and want to return to those days, even for a few moments (and anyone who wants to remember where we came from and how technology used to be at the time).


The museum was built on the basis of contributions of good people's equipment. If you also happen to have an old computer in the attic - come and donate it to us and we'll take care of it with great devotion, we'll regain its youth and of course you will be credited at the museum and its website.

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